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4 Non Scale Victories

In this case, we can measure progress by (1) looking at the bank balance (2) looking at how much less we are spending, borrowing, and in debt, even without absolute increases in bank balance.

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5 Non Scale Victories

Now, fortunately, if you want to avoid the potential heart ache, frustration, and disappointment of there are several other ways to measure weight loss progress – some better and more effective/reliable than others.

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6 Non Scale Victories

Imagine this – you’ve been doing all the things you think you need to do to lose weight – working out several days each week and following a diet plan. Then two weeks later you check your weight on a scale and it says you’ve gained weight.

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7 Non Scale Victories

(1) They don’t account for the normal day to day (and even within day) weight fluctuations that humans/we have. Check out my Weight Fluctuations article to learn x ways your scale weight may be lying to you

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8 Non Scale Victories

These days, with the advancement in technology, these devices can do so much more. In addition to checking your body weight, some scales can tell your body composition (body fat, lean tissue, water), 

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9 Non Scale Victories

I am sure you/You may have experienced this yourself/Have you ever experienced this?  – you step on the scale one morning and you get a certain number and then you try again a day later and boom your weight has gone up by 2kg. 

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10 Non Scale Victories

Your body weight (the number your scale shows) is a sum of the weight of your bones, organs, muscle and other tissues, fecal matter, gut residue, fat, water, blood, other fluids, and whatever you are wearing when you step on the scale.

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