14 Day Challenge Coming Soon


PROBLEMS – use the following concepts (value equation, tiny habits book ‘ability chain’, and ‘ready-willing-able’, etc) to develop problem statements:

VALUE EQUATION – dream outcome, perceived likelihood of achievement, time delay, effort/sacrifice

ABILITY CHAIN – PRoMMPT = Physical effort, Routine, Money, Mental Effort, Time + Clarity (specifically what, how, why, and when) + Skill + Tools/Resources + *Interest

Also consider the Thoughts, Feelings, and Experience (result, loss, pain, frustration, etc) they have concerning the task they have to do

And things/tasks they think they will be doing (fad diets, extreme/long/several workouts, starving, etc) but won’t be doing on your program and vice versa. 

And things they think they will be doing/not doing (or need to do) more or less of. 

List all the things a client has/needs to do, think, or believe (one time and ongoing) in this category – so that they can get their dream outcome. 

Include things that they think/feel/believe they need to do or not do (but don’t necessarily do) too because at this point of the journey/relationship they don’t know better. At the very least, you can add this to the copy as ‘without _______’ (insert unnecessary expectation) or ‘even if _______’ (insert false belief)

Include things that are for general weight loss like – Be consistent

Include things that are specific to your program/offer – because the prospect is always internally asking and wondering if your specific offer will work for them. Like – Plan & Structure your week

Include their limiting beliefs around these things – 4 value driver, tiny habits ability chain, 

The problems list is supposed to cover only things you think people struggle with but what’s easy for one person is a struggle for another so we’ll just include everything, struggle or not.